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Welcome to the new Flame Guards website!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:57 pm
by Flame Guards
Welcome to our new website!
To maintain an even better community which will comfort even more players, we have decided to set up a brand new website. We are running new software on the website, we have updated our databases and restyled the interface!

What's new?
  • New software with a lot of new functions (for both website as user comfort)
  • Forums have been reorganized:
    • Forums for Battlefield Bad Company 2 have been created.
    • Old serverforums have been deleted
    • You can visit the old website at any time on
  • New banners, 26 in total (refresh to see more)
  • The rulebook has been updated and rewritten, as well as the FAQ!
  • We have established a TeamSpeak serverviewer in the left menu
  • Memberlist has been updated, it's now easier to determine the most suitable person
  • Ability to upload your own files into the download database
  • Ability to upload files to your posts
  • Headlines in the right menu for Wolfenstein and Battlefield updates ( and the Battlefield Bad Company 2 blog)
  • There has been established a new plugin for the serverviewer, displaying information of all our servers, including their location!
  • Browser Caching is enabled so you can view the site on your 3G-phone (I-phone .. etc)
Bugs & Comments
If you encounter any bugs, please report it on our forums and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions or feel like commenting, you can always open a topic or contact us!

The Flame Guards team.